Working in Germany

It ‘s the theme of a meeting to be held Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 18.00 at the headquarters of the Red Cross of Crotone in Via Saffo. For the occasion will speak the heads of Dr. Sauder Gmbh.
The company is looking for the German Red Cross and other institutions staff such as nurses, OSS, drivers, mechanics and other professionals. The group will be welcomed by the president of the Crotone Red Cross, Francesco Parisi. Sauder will be represented by Frank Panschar, Matthias Nobs and Giuseppe Tallarico.
The collaboration with Germany has been going on for about five years now. Giuseppe Tallarico, a nurse from Crotone, will be giving a very interesting presentation. He started out on this project about four years ago and is now a partner in a small company. In fact, many of the people who left have started to make a career. Crotonians have proven to be reliable and for this reason the collaboration between the city of Pythagoras and the land of Goethe is continuing.
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The meeting, organized by the association Amici del tedesco and by the social cooperative ONE, is open to all interested people.


In cooperation with the German Red Cross and the Friends of German Association, Cooperative One offers language training for nurses interested in working in Germany. For info you can write to Jobs for nurses Jobs for nurses/nurses for the German Red Cross (DRK) in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. We are looking for nurses who have a heart for the elderly, who live in Germany and would like to work. We want a motivated staff and place value on cooperative work and an environment with respect and tolerance. We offer good working conditions and integration:

  • Support in finding accommodation and bureaucratic matters
  • Language course in Germany up to level B2
  • Accompanying services for career starters
  • Introduction into the culture and lifestyle
  • The basis of the employment relationship is the collective agreement of the DRK

A salary up to and including recognition of your professional achievements:

  • German level B1 must be reached before working in Germany (completed in Italy);
  • German language course parallel to the profession, from level B1 up to level B2 immediately after starting the new job in Germany;
  • Fixed-term employment contract as a nurse upon attainment of level B2;
  • A salary starting from 1858.70 Euro per month (full time);
  • Additional payments (work on Sundays, holidays, night work);
  • 39 hours of work per week (including weekends);
  • Vacations: 26 days per year.

A salary after completing the training period and passing the B2 German exam, and after recognition of your professional achievements in Germany:

  • A permanent employment contract;
  • Starting at 2,173.24 Euros per month;
  • Additional payments (working on Sundays, holidays, nights);
  • 39 hours of work per week (including weekends);
  • Vacation: 26 days per year;
  • Additional employer-provided retirement benefits;
  • Special annual payment up to 1955.00 Euros (gross);
  • Continuous training and career opportunities.

If you are interested in a job with a future and if you can imagine yourself living in Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany, in the cities of Mainz, Kaiserslautern, Landstuhl, Zweibrücken, Trier, Kell and Bad Kreuznach, we would be happy to receive your application.Kreuznach, saremo contenti di ricevere la vostra candidatura.


Our Cooperative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Grace and Justice and the Court for Minors of Catanzaro, has designed and managed projects called Lavoriamo per il nostro futuro, Lavori n corso, Lavorando si impara, Stop & Go!

The purpose of the projects was the inclusion of minors reported by the Court of Catanzaro in work activities of various kinds for an average duration of 4 months.

The important element of this path was the possibility to approach concretely and for the first time a real job, thanks to which the boys have not only received a salary, but have learned to be punctual, to adapt to the rules established by their superiors, to deal with colleagues, to have respect for themselves and their abilities.

In the project were involved a bakery, a hair salon, a pizzeria, a workshop, a tire store, a bar, a gardening store that have opened their doors and were available to welcome the boys and that we thank from the heart.