KResciamo is the name of the project managed by our cooperative and supported with Otto per Mille funds from the Waldensian Church.

The project aims to give children aged 6 to 14 greater civic knowledge and greater awareness of themselves and of the context in which they live.

We will go to the cinema, to the theatre, we will become policemen and gardeners for a day, we will get to know the city of Crotone and its beautiful historic center, the different cultures that live in our area, we will collect photographic evidence and, together with the WWF, we will enjoy our natural beauties.


RI.PARTI.AMO, a project managed by Noemi Cooperativa Sociale, selected by Impresa sociale Con i Bambini as part of the Fund to fight child educational poverty and co-financed by the San Zeno Foundation, Caritas Italiana and the Santa Maria Foundation The Addolorata Foundation. This project has started.

Cooperativa Uno, which is a partner of the project, offers students workshops on Mathematics applied to everyday life, History applied to comics and Robotics/informatics.

The workshops take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the headquarters of Cooperativa One in Crotone, at Piazza Santa Veneranda nÂș 6 and have been designed to give children the opportunity to learn in a funny and practical way.

The classroom that houses the labs is equipped with whiteboards, comfortable furniture, and swivel chairs that allow you to move around the classroom.

The children involved attend the high school between the ages of 11 to 14; and will be supported in activities until they enter the second year of high school.


Builders of the future

This is the project financed by Impresa Sociale Con i bambini to combat educational poverty and to promote the development of the educating community.

The Noemi cooperative is the responsible party and the One cooperative as a partner, conducts and manages the laboratories of Chemistry applied to pastry, Geometry applied to murals, Small practical crafts and New technologies.

The children who take part in the laboratories acquire knowledge and skills not only from the theoretical point of view, but mainly with the practical activity.

In the gallery you can see some of the fruits of these workshops.

The Green Hostel

We have obtained funding from Invitalia for the area Cultura Crea thanks to which we want to promote the enhancement of the Castle of Charles V and the Archaeological Museum of Crotone through our activities of cultural promotion and territory.

The funding will allow us to carry out a series of interventions to make the hostel Casa di Chiara greener. From now on we will proceed with the reduction of plastic bottles by providing our guests with dispensers for drinking water and we will install a compactor to eliminate the ones that remain.


School work experience with the International band Gen Verde

A wonderful experience during the school-work alternation with the international band Gen Verde. More than 70 students from the schools of Crotone took part in the alternation. All the students were involved in the final project, that is the realization of the concert “Start Now”. Thanks to the teachers, managers and parishes that supported the project, but a special thanks goes to the Curia of Crotone and Mons. Graziani.


Funded by Fondazione con il Sud, it is a Social Housing project that wants to offer hospitality, for 12 months, to any woman of age, even with children, who is without a home or needs to change it, due to personal, family, work, economic and social difficulties; all those women who have the desire to start over.

Every woman interested in this possibility can find the contacts in the poster. The subject responsible for the project is the Cooperative Kairos, while the cooperative One, which is a partner, will take care of the training part dedicated to women. Thanks to the designer Antonella Maruca who gave life to this beautiful idea.