Hostel Casa di Chiara


The building that houses the hostel Casa di Chiara, belongs to the family of Marquis Berlingeri.

The palace remotes to the year of 1600, when Annibale Berlingeri began to construct the building adjacent to the parish of Santa Veneranda (or Vennera as it is more often used in Crotone).

When Annibale Berlingeri finished the construction, he proposed to rebuild the entire decaying church as well. Bishop Rama granted him not only the reconstruction of the church, but also the use of a wall of his palace as a perimeter wall of the church and the opening of a window from one of the halls of the house, which allowed the family to listen to the Holy Mass from behind a grille.

In the second half of 1800, Chiara Berlingeri, also a member of the family of the Marquis, lost her son of a few years and since then she decided to dedicate the palace to the reception of the poor and abandoned children.

Until the end of the ’90s, the palace has a constant social function by welcoming children, making them study, receiving the elderly whose families could not take care of and taking care of them until the moment of death. But at the end of the ’90s it is realized that the structure is no longer adequate to the reception and management of elderly people; only one guest remains until 2009.

The building is now managed by the social cooperative ONE that offers workshop activities for minors and runs a youth hostel.

For reservations or information write to
Hostel Casa di Chiara – Piazza Santa Veneranda, 6 – Crotone (88900 KR)