About Us

About Us

One is a non-profit social cooperative based in Crotone.

It was born after the positive experience made with the association Amici del tedesco (Friends of German) and the collaborations started in various sectors, especially in the linguistic field and cultural exchanges, among these: cruise ships and interpreting services with chambers of commerce.

One offers:

  • Language courses;
  • Cultural visits;
  • Interpreting and translations.

We operate in an area where there is 64% unemployment among young people, and yet sometimes it is difficult to find staff who can speak and write two foreign languages correctly. Hence the desire to invest in the world of languages and cultural exchanges to allow young people to have one more chance to enter the world of work tomorrow.

Since 2017, the cooperative manages the accommodation Casa di Chiara. It is located in the heart of the historic center of the city in a beautiful noble building.
For info: www.ostellocasadichiara.it

The ONE cooperative has decided to adhere to the COMMON ECONOMY (EoC) because it wants to respect its main points. In concrete terms, the EoC invites us to:

  • live and spread a new economic and civil culture, which Chiara Lubich, founder of the EoC and the Focolare Movement, wanted to call a “culture of giving”;
  • to form new entrepreneurs and businesspeople who freely share profits to support the aims of the EoC: the reduction of poverty/exclusion, the spread of the culture of giving and communion, the development of the business and the creation of jobs; entrepreneurs who conceive and live their business as a vocation and service to the common good and to the excluded of every latitude and social context;
  • fight the various forms of indigence, exclusion, and misery.

Therefore the EoC is characterized by a tripartite management of profits.
One part is directed to the development of the company, both of the means of production and of human resources; one part is directed to the human promotion of those in need, in order to empower them; and one part finances the growth of the EoC project, especially through the training of new resources.


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